Where to Go Alone? The Most Interesting Cities for Single Tourist.

Where to Go Alone? The Most Interesting Cities for Single Tourist.

1. Amsterdam. About the capital of Holland walks a lot of rumors, but, in the first place, it is fun and very hospitable city. There are a lot of museums in Amsterdam, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Museum. In the afternoon you can ride a bike, looking around the canals. and bridges, and in the evening here night club life is in full swing. In Amsterdam even has a post night the mayor, that says about their serious approach to the nightlife and get-togethers. Amsterdam

2. Boracay. This is the most picturesque island in the Philippines, a heavenly place with sandy beaches and palm avenues. It seems, that this holiday is suitable only for a romantic trip. But a single tourist here, too, there is what to do: it is, and surfing, and walks on cycling around the island, hiking in local markets and restaurants .borakai

3. Hong Kong. This bustling metropolis, where day and night boils a life. A few days of the lone traveler can dedicate a gastronomic adventure, in Hong Kong should try and street food, and dishes from the chef – cook in the floating restaurants. In this city can be the whole walk around exhibitions for days, go shopping and sunbathe on one of the beautiful beaches .hongkong

4. Verona. Verona though, and it is considered the most romantic city of Italy, but here often come and in it alone. The plan of activities should definitely include a walk along the embankment, a visit to the house of Juliet, St. Peter ’s Castle and the observation deck. In the evening you can turn on one of the narrow streets and drink wine in one of the local bars, joining the company of sociable Italians .verona

5. Oahu. This Hawaiian island gives an unforgettable impression of active recreation and fun pastime. There is always possible to find a group of surfers and just active travelers, to together to catch the wave, get up to the mountains and dining seafood in a local cafe for fun colorful music .oahu

6. Edinburgh. A trip to Edinburgh in Scotland can be a real historical adventure. Many bars, cafes, and streets in the city bear the names of the heroes of the works of Walter Scott. Not far from Edinburgh is the family estate of the writer, which is called Sandyknowe. You can also visit the reserve Loch – Lomond, located among the Arrochar Alps, which is an hour from Edinburgh .edinburg

7. Lisbon. The atmosphere in Lisbon is so cozy and home, that this city not for that does not give bored single travelers. During the day you can walk along the narrow stone streets and admire on the tiled roof, and the evening is worth devoting a delicious dinner and cherry liqueur. Also worth a trip to Cape Roca, to be in at the western point of the mainland .lissabon

8. Berlin. This city is famous as an architectural and historical dostopri chatelnostyami, so and bustling nightlife. By attending mandatory Reichstag, Bradenburgskie Gate, and Museum Island. In Berlin, you should definitely try German beer and hearty meat snacks .berlin

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