Do You Like Authenticity? Traveling by Train in Europe is a Great Deal

Do You Like Authenticity? Traveling by Train in Europe is a Great Deal

Indeed, traveling alone in Europe is an adventure I would like to experience when I grow up, I’m sure. My father has already done it in Asia countless times, he will not oppose it. Still, that does not mean he will not worry. But it’s life, you have to make your own experiences, it seems.

The advantage of traveling alone on the European continent (but it applies to all destinations I think) is that you will be more easily brought to meet people. And we say that what makes the richness of a trip, it is the individuals that one meets during this trip precisely. It is clear that for example, me, from a very young age, it is enough for me a playground and hop, I make friends right away. Which also suits my parents who take advantage of these “relationships” that I created to create with the parents of my friends.

Going to others is today what is missing in our world. The openness, the magic of sharing, let yourself be carried by these values, you will see that your journey will be all the more beautiful. Be careful, I’m not saying that the “group trip” is not cool, on the contrary, it also has its advantages.

I’m still not too stuck on these issues because of my young age (I remind you that I’m only 2 ½ years old at the time of writing) but it seems to me that Europe is becoming more and more looking at your administrative situation. So traveling in Europe with an expired passport or an outdated identity card does not seem like the best idea. Moreover, if the police of any country control you, you must be able to present a piece of identity under penalty of being embarked.

Is there a passport to travel to Europe? The answer is no, you can only travel with your identity card if you are a European citizen. For example, I also have a French identity card. This allows me to navigate the Schengen area without any difficulty (beware of the UK). On the other hand, traveling in Europe without an identity card, so here it becomes tenser. You would be illegal, clandestine and good, it’s not ideal.

… It’s never enough. Indeed, when you are on vacation, the time always seems too short. That aside, traveling 1 month in Europe is not bad. You could concentrate on the western part of Europe and then during your next vacation, do the central part for example. Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal, it is a very feasible route in one month.

It would perhaps be more sensible then, to travel cheaply, to give only a few days to these important cities to then leave the “beaten tracks” in order to get lost in the campaign. If I take the example of France, it is a magical country that can not be summed up in Paris. The province from north to south is beautiful. You just have to venture there.

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