Italy as a Family - Tours and Visits With Children


Find with this guide a special trip and vacation in Italy with family about twenty ideas destinations in cities, regions and Italian islands. Also, find practical information and travel stories of traveling parents to help you prepare for your family stay.

Or rather your stays!

Italy is one of the southern European countries offering thousands of discoveries, visits and possible activities with children and babies. Unless you leave several months, it will be difficult to see everything at once!

You can spend a weekend in a major city like Rome, Venice, Florence … or stay several days to several weeks in regions such as Tuscany, Apulia, Liguria, the region of the Lakes … or on islands like Sardinia, wind turbines …

You have not finished dreaming of Italy!

The millennial culture of this country, from Prehistory to the Romans in the Renaissance, its landscapes of a great variety, from the Dolomites to volcanoes in Sicily, will make each of your circuits unique!
Practical information to go to Italy with your family
When to go to Italy with children, how to go, to move, what budget …? Find in this section all the answers that a parent can ask during the preparation of holidays.

the italie-en-familleThe country is quite long with quite extreme climates from one end of the country to the other. The temperatures in southern Italy can be very high in the summer, so it’s an area to avoid with babies or young children. That said, even in northern Italy, it can reign hot heats making any visit quickly unbearable with your toddlers, especially cities. Prefer regions at altitude like the Dolomites, more generally the Italian Alps or the coastal regions to refresh you on the beaches.

Overall, the best time to travel to Italy is the inter-season, either in the fall or in the spring. We always visited during these periods, we always had mild temperatures and little rain. Children could even dip in the water, even if it was a little cool.

By plane, the flights are rather fast: Paris-Sardinia, about 2 hours and Paris-Rome, about 1h30. For those who go by car, you can go through the tunnel Frejus or Mont Blanc. Very nice, if you have time, do not pass the Petit Saint Bernard Pass, the Mont Cenis Pass or Montgenèvre. Good to know, you can get a toll badge valid in France and Italy on motorways: very convenient to pass tolls quickly. This is the TopEuro badge valid in several European countries.

It all depends on the trip you want to travel and the distance you have to travel! If you are going for a weekend or short stay in the capital of Rome or any other Italian city, flying or train will be the fastest and most convenient. No need for a car to get around once, public transport is enough. If you have a lot of travel to your destination in Italy, it may be wiser to fly and hire a car on-site, especially if you go to Sicily or Sardinia, for example. Good to know, the train is not too expensive, so a means of travel advantageous.

And for those who live less than 2 hours from the border (like us!), The car is of course recommended. Each time, we go through the tunnel Frejus: big flat, the passage is very expensive. The good plan is to take a subscription, the price is much lower. We took the subscription 8 passages valid for 2 years. We had planned to leave Italy for the next 2 years!

Once again, everything depends! If you go to visit Rome, the budget will be rather high in accommodation, prices of visits and transport. Good to know, tours and transport are either free or your children are entitled to discounts.

If you go green in Tuscany, in the Dolomites, in the countryside, your holiday budget will be cheap, or at least not too expensive! Beware, if you drive, the price of fuel is very high: plan to refuel before crossing the border!

Hotel, aparthotel, youth hostel, camping, the accommodations are not lacking but for some tourist sites like Rome, better worth taking in advance to find accommodation not too expensive and suitable for families.

There is a nice type of rural accommodation if you want to go green, agritourism: you stay in the countryside on a farm or on a farm (winemaking, olive oil …)TRAVEL EQUIPMENT
What accessories to expect during your trip to Italy, especially if you go with baby or young children?

If you visit the historic centers of the cities, the alleys are mostly paved and in a city like Venice, you also have a lot of bridges and stairs to cross. Provide either an ultra-light stroller or a baby carrier travel, or even if the baby is very small, the go-anywhere carrier solution that we adopted, the wearable sash.

If you go in the summer, plan all the UV protection equipment to protect the skin and fragile eyes of your toddlers: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen. Find below some ideas of destinations in Italy with children with links to articles treating them in more detail. For those who do not have links, it will not belong! And if you went there, then share your experience, tell us about your trip with your tips!

Italian city trip with children for a weekend
Rome, Florence Venice, Milan, Naples …, many Italian cities lend themselves to a city trip with the family for a weekend or short stay. For cities like Pisa or Siena, you can plan to visit the city on a day and discover the surroundings on the 2nd day. Here is an overview of cities to see with children:

Rome, the capital, a must to do at least one event in your life for the Colosseum, the Forum, take a tour of the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel … See the article on Rome with children.

Venice born of the waters is one of the most remarkable memories of Italy for our children! The famous St. Mark’s Square, the gondolas, the boat trips, the beautiful carnival masks in the windows, everything is unforgettable for them! See the article on Venice as a family
Florence, this open-air museum with its monuments of breathtaking beauty, is a wonderful introduction to art for children.

Pisa and its wobbly tower but not only: Pisa is part of a larger architectural ensemble very impressive. The old town is also very nice to visit. See the article on Pisa Siena and its famous Conque-shaped place: very nice walk also in the old town with its superb cathedral. Milan, wander through the magnificent Vittorio Emmanuele II glass gallery and admire one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world

Naples, oh Naples! A great memory of childhood. I especially remember mamas speaking with my hands! But also our visit to Vesuvius, our walks in the historic center, classified since at Unesco. Great Italian atmosphere unforgettable in this port city! In Genoa, stroll through the old town and do not miss with your children the 2nd largest aquarium in Europe. Pompeii and Herculaneum, cities frozen forever, very impressive to see. To have gone in my childhood, I keep a special memory.

Family Vacation Ideas in Northern Italy
Italy is a country made up of a mosaic of different regions with a great diversity of natural landscapes and activities to practice as a family. In the mountains, at the sea, in the cities, the islands, there is a holiday for all tastes and desires. First in northern Italy:

Tuscany, for a trip between nature and culture, this region is perfect. You visit illustrious Tuscan towns, travel through typical landscapes, take a break in old, timeless villages. See the article on Tuscany with the family The Cinque Terre are 5 colorful villages perched at the edge of cliffs and the sea in Liguria. Very photogenic! See article on the Cinque Terre

The Lake District: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and Lake Garda, lakes where you can spend the weekend like spending several weeks at the edge of the water!The Dolomites and these mountain peaks so photogenic! We did some great walks! See the article on the Dolomites
Emilia-Romagna and its kilometers of dream beaches … But not only, but you can also visit Parma, Bologna, Rimini … See the article about Emilia-Romagna

Going to southern Italy, by the sea

Sardinia and its wild nature with its beaches but also discoveries of the ancient Sardinian culture. See the article on Sardinia as a family In Sicily, your children turn into a volcanologist in the grass: approach Etna, Stromboli … A unique family adventure! See Sicily with your family Puglia for a holiday between beaches, old villages, and cities like Bari, Alberobello, and Lecce, parks like Gargano.
The almafitan coast to visit Naples, Capri, go see also Vesuvius and cross its beautiful coastline.

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