How To Handle Cornering Safely Without Losing Control?

Steering a car through a corner does not need special training. It demands an alignment between the suspension and the tires instead of a routine driving maneuver. Every time, while turning around the corner, your car gets exposed to powerful cornering forces which pushes the tires and suspensions beyond limits. This can make you lose control. Besides, you have limited front road visibility that can make the oncoming traffic drivers experience a challenge. This can cause extra hazards. 

Therefore it is crucial to understand cornering safety to avoid the increase in force on the tires and suspension while turning around the corner. Drivers misjudge cornering, so it is crucial to understand the concept of handling the limited visibility created due to bends. 

Cornering basics

At Ltrent, the driving instructors teach students how to handle the cornering without losing control. Cornering forces are inevitable and vehicles are designed to handle them but a little change in the driver’s behavior can intensify the force to a dangerous point. So, small adjustments while cornering can lessen the odds of losing control.

Apply brakes to the necessary speed before entering a corner. Brakes applied in the corner can add extra frictional force on the tires and they can lose their road contact. Only during emergency apply brakes on a corner.

Turn the steering wheel gently and ease the throttle as you take the corner. Never tug it towards one-side.

Both your hands must be on the wheels. Never use one hand to steer around the corner.

Keep your eyes as far around the corner as possible because you can identify an emerging obstacle ahead and react as soon as possible. 

Avoid increasing the speed of the car before passing the corner’s apex. Use the accelerator and maintain the necessary speed, while cornering. The moment, you pass the corner’s apex accelerate speed slowly.

On wet roads or with worn tires, you will need to take extra precautions because the threshold at which tires lose road contact due to cornering forces gets reduced. 

Open roads are risky and include roadside obstacles or oncoming traffic. Use safety margins and so go slowly. Too fast can make you lose control. 

Drive smoothly and be gentle on the 3 control brakes, steering wheels, and tires. 

When you see a corner open up with a straight road ahead, gently press the throttle and unwind the steering. The car smoothly transits from cornering to moving straight ahead. 

Never get disturbed, while cornering but keep your eyes focused and balance the entry speed of the car with the severity of the corner. 

How to handle emergency braking situations around corners?

If you need to apply an emergency brake, the car can lose road contact and start to spin but turn the steering a little into a spin and watch the direction where you wish the car to go. 

Emergency braking is better avoided because a car can spin out of control. It is better to follow a three-second distance from the vehicle moving in front. Safe distance maintenance gives enough time to slow your car if the leading car puts an emergency brake at the corner or something unpredictably lurks around the corner. 


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