Los Angeles to Grand Canyon - a Summer in the West With the Family

Los Angeles to Grand Canyon – a Summer in the West With the Family


With the kids, spinning on the never-ending straight roads, along rivers, canyons, meadows, and neon-lit motels – perceive the vastness of the American West. The big change of scenery begins in Los Angeles, where the dimensions surprise. We quickly understand that it is impossible to walk the city – Sunset Boulevard stretches for more than 50 kilometers! And, at the foot of the city, the sun warms the immense beaches become mythical. You will then join Las Vegas.

Its multicolored neon lights and extravagance open to you for a night, before giving way to the exploration of large parks. You walk away from the city and go to Zion Park first, or the canyon and the lush green valleys were shaped by the Virgin River. Then Bryce Canyon and its thousands of fairy chimneys appear on the horizon. The road leads you to Monument Valley, the American West in essence and the backdrop of all John Ford’s westerns.

The decor may seem worn, and yet the grandeur of the landscape literally cuts the breath. After a hike through Lake Powell, the trip ends in front of the majestic Grand Canyon, and finally, it continues even once back, in the heads of young and old.

In summer, the climate is ideal – it’s hot but the pool and air conditioning are our allies. The contrasts are intense: fans of the city as lovers of open spaces are filled. You travel at your own pace, in your own 4×4, and the road itself is a spectacle, between red rocks and deserts as far as the eye can see. At each stage, you sleep in a comfortable address, designed for travelers of all ages and always closer to parks or city centers.

On your agenda, we have registered a meeting with a local French in Los Angeles, which will make you discover the Venice Beach neighborhood, and in the park of Zion, bicycles to radiate freely. Everyone is free to add experiences along the way. For any last-minute request,

Cross bikers hair in the wind on their Harley-Davidson – stop at petrol stations where Corvette converts paradise – meet Navajos and Sioux Dakota – cross ghost villages in the Wild West – sleep in an old-fashioned motel with a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox – enjoy a hot dog in a “diner” – listen to country music on a long straight road that winds between valleys and canyons – open the window to breathe the dry air of the desert.

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