The Budget of a Trip to New Caledonia

The Budget of a Trip to New Caledonia

New Caledonia is one of our favorite heart trips. Between heavenly beaches, diving spots, lush jungle, and indigenous culture, there is plenty to do! It deserves its place in the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world. Because of its isolation, life’s blow is relatively high. But rest assured, there is a way out for less than 25 € per day!

In New Caledonia, the currency is the Pacific Franc (CFP).

New Caledonia ticket

How much does a trip to New Caledonia cost?
As usual, the data we give here is for low-budget backpackers. The secret to not spending too much is to consume locally. Most supermarket products must be imported. It’s time to treat yourself to seafood, fish, giant crabs, vegetables and exotic fruits from the market!

Attention, there is often a ceiling of withdrawal of 37 000 CFP (300 €) per week and credit card in New Caledonia. You can change your euros or dollars for peaceful francs in banks. There are no visas to apply for when you are French but certain conditions exist for Europeans and Canadians for stays longer than 3 months.

Accommodation in New Caledonia
Low budget offers are limited to camping, huts and the few youth hostels.

  • A night in a dormitory hostel in Noumea
  • One night in a private room in a hostel in Noumea
  • One night in a typical box

A campsite
budget accommodation new Caledonia

Eating in New Caledonia
The best plans to eat cheap in New Caledonia are the small stands of fruits and vegetables on the roads, markets (excluding Noumea) and discount supermarkets.

  • A meal in a snack
  • A meal in a good restaurant
  • One kilogram of banana
  • A papaya
  • A bougna (traditional dish)
  • One pastry
  • One kilo of potato
  • A beer at the supermarket
  • A package of dough
  • One baguette
  • One cookie package
  • One coffee
  • The coconuts found on the
  • banana market new Caledonia

Transport in New Caledonia
Going to New Caledonia is literally going to the other end of the planet! The cost of transportation is usually the biggest expense of the stay. On our side, the plane ticket was not too expensive because we were leaving Australia!

  • Return ticket Paris-Noumea
  • One -way flight Sydney-Noumea
  • Return trip by boat between Noumea and the Isle of Pines
  • A local bus ride between major cities of Caillou ( see the schedules )
  • Entry-level car rental
  • A full tank of gas
  • Shuttle between the airport and Nouméa
  • Local bus between the airport and Noumea
  • Round trip boat from Canard island to Noumea
  • A boat trip between Nouméa and the islands
  • A book of 10 bus tickets in Noumea
  • saline airplane new Caledonia

Leisure in New Caledonia
If you come with your mask and snorkel, you can snorkel around the island! Leisure has cost us almost nothing.

  • Mask and snorkel hire
  • Entrance to the Tjibaou Cultural Center
  • Entrance to the Blue River Park
  • Swimming in the turquoise water
  • blue river park new Caledonia

On average, during our road trip in New Caledonia, we spent 2850 CFP per day and per person or 23 € excluding the cost of the plane ticket.

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