Airports Where to Rent a Car in Dubai

Airports Where to Rent a Car in Dubai

Car rental in Dubai
1,009 users searched for Dubai car rental in August.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai in September?
The prices of a car rental in Dubai during a weekend in September, start at 15 EUR with an average price of 25 EUR. Users searching for a one-week car rental in Dubai in September found deals for an average of EUR 20, but starting from EUR 14 were available depending on the dates and options of the selected vehicle.

Is it possible to rent a car from Dubai Airport?
74% of users searched for Dubai Airport Intl car rental and other airports. Car rental at Dubai Airport Intl Airport and other airports in September costs an average of 20 EUR.

Where can you easily rent a car in Dubai?
You will probably find an interesting car hire offer in Dubai with Avis, Europcar or Sixt.

Is it possible to rent an automatic car in Dubai?
99% of people looking for a rental car in Dubai choose an automatic vehicle. In Dubai, you can find good deals for the rental of a manual transmission car from 22 EUR and from 10 EUR for the rental of an automatic.

What is the speed limit allowed in Dubai?
In Dubai, the speed limit varies depending on the type of road: on motorways, it is 160 km / h, on single pavements of 80 km / h and in urban areas generally 4 km / h. The speed limit may vary, so be sure to always pay attention to the signboards.

What is the limit blood alcohol limit allowed in Dubai?
0% is the maximum blood alcohol limit allowed while driving in Dubai. However, avoid drinking if you intend to drive.

How are the roads in Dubai?
The quality of the road network in Dubai has a score of 6.6 and is ranked # 1 in the world. A score of 1 indicates poor road quality, while a score of 7 indicates very good quality. In comparison, FR scored 6.1 and ranked # 7 worldwide. However, it is likely that the quality of the roads varies from one region to another and that the note is not totally representative of the place you intend to visit.

Which side of the road should we drive to Dubai?
If you drive in Dubai, note that motorists drive on the right.

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