Traveling in Europe: Find Its Roots on the Old Continent

Traveling in Europe: Find Its Roots on the Old Continent

The old continent, as some people call it, is very important to me. Indeed, traveling in Europe, it is as if I found a part of myself and thanks to this blog of voyages do not forget it. My father is French, so I’m 50% European if you prefer. We lived a year in Europe after my birth, exactly in Malta. But that, I do not remember (yet).

It is also in this perspective of memory that my father builds this blog with me. He thinks that it will be able to accompany me step by step in the discovery of the beginning of my life and clearly the Europe trip is one of them. This mini-guide for Europe takes up some articles that describe my stays with my dad and my mom.

I describe our activities, the conditions in which we traveled and I give you some advice based on our experiences of course. Hoping that this helps you during your tour of the continent with friends or during your weekend with your partner or family!

There are many ways to travel in Europe. One of them is traveling to Europe by train. My father loves trains. First, it does not tire you, you can rest, restore, entertain. Anyway, it’s not you who drive hey hey! train/multi/Europe, you can obtain hyper-interesting rates.

You also have the which offers a comparison of the best routes to reach almost all cities in Europe. You also have the interrail site that is well built. In addition to the train, you will have to meet a lot of very interesting people with whom you will have no trouble to sympathize.

After, there are of course other means of locomotion. Traveling by bus in Europe remains the most economical way. But beware, there must be young and healthy because often, depending on the distance, trips can be long and tiring. On the other hand, fare level is unbeatable.

Although … Traveling by hitchhiking in Europe remains the least expensive solution. My dad did it a bit when he was a minor, but the world did not look like he did today. I’m sure when I tell my father that I want to hitchhike around Europe, I’m not sure he’s mega boiling …

Another means of locomotion: traveling by caravan in Europe is a solution that breathes 100% freedom. You are on the road, hair in the wind (if you open the window) and go. In addition, almost all European countries have developed areas for motorhome travelers. After that, it’s better if the vehicle is yours.

Because it is like renting a car to travel in Europe, it can be very expensive because you will have assurances to have in order to make leave the vehicle of the country in which you rented it. And it is better not to omit these assurances because, in the case of a glitch, it could cost you much more expensive. Europe in a motorhome is my father’s retirement project, followed by North America and Australia. I hope I will participate in J!

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