The Part That Interests Me the Most, Traveling in Europe With a Baby, Possible or Not?

The Part That Interests Me the Most, Traveling in Europe With a Baby, Possible or Not?

Of course yes as long as you have the paper to travel in Europe with baby, it will not be a problem. And when I talk about paper, I mean of course the passport or the identity card. Do not believe that because it’s a baby, it can be dispensed with. On the contrary, children are very controlled, which happily prevents child trafficking. You can also take the family booklet to travel in Europe, it can always be useful in case of loss of identity documents.

Traveling in Europe with the baby is an incredible pleasure, you will share, you will make him discover incredible things. Certainly, like me, he will certainly not remember but 1 / he will have the photos and videos that will prove to him that he was there and 2 /, the fact of traveling will give him the taste to travel, it will accustom him to move everywhere and growing up.

He will certainly develop this desire to discover everything around him. Enjoy the local dishes. Have him meet the children of the country so that they exchange together. Even if they do not understand each other, children know better than we communicate.

Or travel to Europe with a baby? Everywhere, you will have no restrictions. All countries have a more or less efficient medical system that can take care of your child in the event of an accident. Every country in Europe cares for toddlers. People love (for the most part) to have children in their schools.

Children, it’s noisy, but it’s life. And in terms of transportation, you should know that the flight will be much cheaper than yours. Indeed, baby tickets, as long as it stays on your lap, will remain very affordable (up to 2 years). And know that crew members on board are always very caring for toddlers.

It depends on your pace, what you want to see, your budget, and so on. This same route, you could travel 3 months in Europe to do it if you want to concentrate on more places by country, or you could connect with other countries like Greece, Italy, Germany and more ‘other. You should contact my dad for your itinerary, he will be happy to help you prepare your trip for no money, free of charge. In addition, it seems that he is good for that!

And if you do not have as much time in front of you, treat yourself to a weekend of 3 days to go to one of the capitals of the European Union (EU). You have lots of good deals with low-cost flights. On some online sites, you will also find all-inclusive stays (flights + hotel + breakfasts) for destinations such as Croatia, Switzerland, Iceland, North Africa, Italy and many more. These are good tips not to be omitted in your research. Another good tip: read all the ads, filled with information, you find on Facebook. Some are really interesting.

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