Should I Go to the River Kwai in Thailand?

Should I Go to the River Kwai in Thailand?

A trip to the River Kwai in Thailand is an event about which the impressions are usually either enthusiastic or extremely negative. Consider it in detail so that you can decide whether you need it or not worth the time and money.

Let’s start with who this tour will suit:

  • Young or not so young, but active people.
  • Tourists, vacationing without children.
  • Those who have two days left in stock.
  • Those wishing to get a lot of different impressions on one trip and 2 300 baths.

We repeat that the tour lasts two days. It all starts with the traditional collection of tourists for hotels on the mini-bass or large full-fledged buses. It depends on whether you bought the tour from your tour operator, or from a street agency.

You leave and eat for about 4 hours (with green parking along the way) to the coconut farm. Here you see that coconut is a universal fruit, from which you can make a thing, and sugar, and butter, and drink. Look at the production in real-time and, of course, you can get yourself any of the above products.

Then you arrive at the waterfalls with 6 steps. Comfortable shoes are highly desirable for their conquest, because, starting from the fourth step, you will have to climb rocks and hills. At the waterfalls, we advise you to take pictures, enjoy beauty, nature, and even climb into the river so that small (and large) fish will bite your legs.

After tiring, but beautiful hours spent on the waterfalls, you will be brought directly to the River Kwai, where they will be given the keys to the houses swaying in the waves. And then begin the preparation for the rafting. Do not pay attention to the appearance of the river, there are no crocodiles (at least, according to the guide).

On a raft, wearing your lifejackets and giving you a sip of famous Thai rum for warmth, you will be lifted higher, and then thrown into the river, leaving to drift down the river. Your task is only to relax and steer, so as not to drift to the shores. Then, you are caught on the same raft.  With the onset of the evening, dinner in the restaurant and free time, and then a wonderful night in the houses rocking on the waves. By the way! They are terribly cold, take note

In the morning rise at 5.00, breakfast, hasty fees and departure on an elephant farm. Here you will ride on an elephant through the forest, the elephant will step over the trees, and you will be shaken from side to side. In the shop at the farm you can buy souvenirs from elephant derivatives)

On the way, it is planned to drive to the hot springs in the open air and to the park, where there are many small Thai students. So let’s summarize. How many mini excursions collected in this one? 6. And this is just 2,300 Baht (at the rate of street travel agencies). Whether you go on this little adventure or stay lying on the beach depends on the purpose of your holiday.

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