How to Travel by Plane With Sports Equipment?

How to Travel by Plane With Sports Equipment?

Airlines offer the possibility of transporting sports equipment. Depending on the carrier, the equipment may be included in the baggage allowance, or be subject to additional charges. Remember to book this option in advance, by contacting Customer Service. Airport check-ups of this type of equipment can be much more expensive than if booked in advance.
How to prepare the registration of sports equipment?

  •  Remove the pedals or secure them so that they do not protrude.
  •  Unscrew the front wheel and attach it to the frame.
  •  Secure and secure the handlebars along the frame.
  •  Deflate the tires.
  • Wrap the bike with stretch film or plastic bags, or place it in a carton.

Diving equipment

  •  Empty the bottles.
  •  Set all switches and valves to the OFF position.
  • Remove all batteries and lamps.

Diving equipment may only be carried in checked baggage and is subject to weight requirements that may result in additional charges if the weight exceeds the maximum allowed.
The most fragile parts must be carefully packed (for example, in foam). If you wish to carry a harpoon, it must be packed properly and the ammunition must be packed separately.
Windsurf boards and surfboards are always subject to extra charges. This equipment is never included in the checked baggage allowance.
Good to know!
If the weight of a board and its equipment exceed 50kg, the transport will probably have to be done by cargo.
British Airways, like other airlines, do not offer transportation of surfing and sailing equipment. This service is however available on some low-cost airlines like Ryanair or Wizz Air.
Skis and snowboard
Most airlines agree to ship skis and snowboards. These equipment are considered as “sports baggage”: a pair of skis with its fasteners and a pair of boots are considered as one piece of luggage (for water skiing, skis are considered as one piece of luggage). It is advisable to pack the skis in a suitable carrying case.

The cost of transporting sports equipment differs from one airline to another. Most regular airlines such as LOT or Lufthansa allow sports equipment in checked baggage and do not charge additional fees for this service. Check the airline’s terms of service for specific information on this service.
Golf clubs
Low-cost airlines apply their own fares to carry sports equipment. Most companies agree to carry golf clubs beyond the baggage allowance at no additional charge. Fees may apply, however, if the bag containing the golf clubs has an off-size dimension, or if its weight exceeds a certain limit (usually 15kg).

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