Information on Japanese Help Hotel Reservation Service

Information on Japanese Help Hotel Reservation Service

Budget Travelers will be the Japanese contact point for hotels with the above marks and will accept reservations. Reservation service is not available for hotels without a caution mark.

Advantages of Japanese Help

You can make a reservation in Japanese.

Normally when you make a reservation directly to a hotel, it will be exchanged in English or the local language, but if you are a designated hotel, you can make a reservation in Japanese.

Detailed hotel information.

Not only the price but also detailed information such as facilities and maps. If you can use the Internet, you can apply from anywhere in the world. For those who live overseas for work or who cannot find a hotel during travel, please apply online. Please note that communication with the customer is limited to the Internet, and calls and faxes are not accepted.

Petit hotels and economic hotels can be booked.

Even today, there are few petit hotels and economic hotels that can be reserved from travel agencies, which are expensive petit hotels even if you can make a reservation or economical hotels in inconvenient places and satisfactory hotels.

In Japanese help,

All the hotels are just good hotels. Of course, economic hotels are also well located.  Petit hotels are also for individual customers, so the price is economical. We have direct contact with hotel owners and managers, so it’s very effective because you can make reservations and make requests directly to the hotel.

And there is no fee.

Of course, the price is a regular price. Some hotels offer discounted rates.  Payment must be made directly to the hotel upon check-out. This service is part of the listing fee from the hotel and the travel pro shop service.

Budget Travelers, starting with the sale
of the Italian Hotel Guidebook, now offers European hotel and travel information. In the Internet world, it is registered with all major search engines including Yahoo! Japan and is widely recognized as a hotel information site in Europe and the United States.  It is also recommended as an Internet hotel information site in travel books published by the most prestigious travel journal in the travel industry.

Application form and send it. You can proceed to the application form from the end of this page. Communication with customers is basically limited to the Internet. We strongly refuse applications for those who do not use the Internet.  Also, please check your email frequently after applying.

If you are applying on the Internet, fill in the application form and send it as it is. In addition, card information can be provided by telephone, but it will be arranged after the card information is notified. Application for Fax. Your application form to fill out, 03 – 3752 -8121 should be sent to. We accept 24 hours. In order to make a reservation quickly, all customer information including card information must be provided at the time of application. You can make a reservation without any trouble.

To complete the reservation, you will need your credit card information as a deposit. The deposit system has been introduced at hotels for individual travelers around the world. The hotel that only needs to convey card information.  In this case, you will not be charged for accommodation in advance. A hotel that requires a deposit in advance.  Usually, the prescribed deposit is deducted from the card. Example: Return to the top of this page, such as one night and 50% of the accommodation fee.

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