Traveling Tips for Holiday Villas

Traveling Tips for Holiday Villas

Send Your Best New Year’s in a Barbados Luxury Villa
What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve? In case you don’t have plans yet, or are simply not that excited about them, choose something different and much more exotic this year. Instead of the regular party at a friend’s house, a concert in your city’s main square, or a fancy dinner at a local restaurant, choose to welcome the advent of 2012 in utter style.

Where? In none other than fascinating Barbados, one of the most exotic and soothing islands in the Caribbean. You might think that your already strained holiday budget cannot allow for such splurges as renting luxury villas. In this case, be informed that prices are not as astronomic as you imagine and that Barbados is the ideal setting for a wonderful holiday break from the slush of winter where you live.

Did You Know…?
Barbados is so remote that you probably don’t know much about it – other than the unavoidable fact that it features some of the most amazing chalk-white sandy beaches. The ocean laps calmly at its shores, making the island an ideal location for swimming and for all watersports fanatics. To boot, Barbados is a former British colony, which will make all native English speakers feel right at home.

There’s a definite British flair in the air, noticeable in the architecture of older buildings, as well as in that of the more modern Barbados villas, and time-honored traditions on the island include afternoon tea, cricket, and polo. There are lots of awesome golf courses, gulfs where you can indulge your passion for windsurfing, lots of spots where the whole family can have fun and plenty of clubs for the young and dynamic. In a nutshell, there’s something in Barbados for anyone to enjoy.

What to Expect
In case prices are your main concern, know that renting a luxury condo, with air conditioning, beachfront access and access to a private swimming pool can cost you no more than $300 per night. Not such a high price to pay for crystal blue ocean waters, cool palm tree shade, and silver sand beaches. A good tip when deciding where to rent a luxury villa in Barbados is to check first for availabilities on the island’s famous Sandy Lane, as well as the Parishes of St. James and St. Peter.

These areas will surround you with some of the most elegant properties you’ve ever laid eyes on and will offer plenty of advantages, such as quick access to the beach and the nightlife parts of the isle. Moreover, it is important to know whether or not the property you’re renting is staffed. Self-catering holidays are one way to go about it, but why not enjoy total comfort and have your needs catered to if you can afford it?

The corner of paradise that is Barbados, standing at no more than 431 square kilometers host so many a luxury villa that the choice will probably take a long time to make. So get a head start now, in order to enjoy the best winter holidays, which you will surely remember forever.

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