What to Do on Your First Trip to Seattle

You will very much feel “sleepless in Seattle” just because the city is so amazing. It has lush green views, iconic skyscrapers, breath-taking exhibits, interesting markets, and panoramic views of the beautiful blues sea waters. Discovering things in Seattle is a must as the city brings scenic beauty and urban culture in a nutshell. The city which has big tech firms like Microsoft and the e-commerce giant Amazon makes it the most noteworthy place as a metropolitan. It has outstanding cuisines with authentic and unforgettable dishes. With the diverse culture, awe-inspiring nature and jaw-dropping modern architecture Seattle takes a place in every travel journal. Wait no more and get on board with Cathay Pacific to fly into the home of Starbucks.

Things to do on your first visit to Seattle: 

Amazing Amusements:

Space Needle

 As an observation tower, this remarkable and iconic tower stands at a height of 605 ft. It is definitely a must-see as it gives a clear view of the entire city. It is shaped like a saucer and the top floor makes the landmark more extravagant by offering a 360degree view to the tourists of the downtown, the Cascades, Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, and Olympic mountain ranges. Presently you can experience Drinks on the Deck, an outdoor sunset wine. It is open on all days of the week. 

Chihuly Gardens and Glass

Get engrossed in the orange, yellow and red hues of exhibits in the 100 ft. hall. The place is known for the colorful and fantasy world look with the glass sculptures. The craftsmanship of the amazing rooms, outdoors, and the gardens are admirable. The unique art place has three divisions: the Garden, the Glasshouse, and the Interior Exhibits. It takes 1 – 2 hours to have a complete view of the appealing glass structures. 

Pike Place Market

The most popular and oldest farmers market where you find fresh seafood. It is a bustling place with loads of visitors visiting the place. It is a place that has markets, eateries, bars, and many other things to do. It is a place that has a sensory appeal. It is just around the waterfront spanning across 9-acre land which is more than 100 years old. Get the best of handmade arts and crafts and memorable souvenirs. The flowers here smell just as fresh, the most noteworthy things that set the place apart is the fish throwing. The sellers here throw fish as customers buy. Also, watch the musicians and singers entertaining the crowd at the market

The original Starbucks

The place where it all started, yes the very popular coffee center that is spread all over the world as a coffee giant was started in Seattle. Find the best-brewed coffees here but you might have to spend some time in the queue. It also has a revered roaster which is tastefully designed with art and craft in mind to enrich the flavors of coffee. They have a dynamic menu entailing coffee definitely, food and cocktails. It is a place where events can take place and some fine unique tasting coffee brimming in the cups is served.

Seattle Waterfront

With amusing things nearby like vibrant Piers like Pier 55, Pier 66, Pike place, Fran’s chocolate, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and many more this amazing waterfront has sample restaurants and attractions. It is a place to have fun and spend some quality time. It is the modern take of the shore. It embraces a large portion by starting from the pioneer square and goes across downtown Seattle and concludes at the sight of the Olympic sculpture park. It is an iconic memory of Seattle’s maritime activity. It is now a highly recreational place which a Ferris wheel, aquarium, and hotels. 

Seattle Great wheel

A must watch as it has gorgeous views located at pier 57 in Elliott bay it stands at a height of 175 ft. the illuminating LED light shows that cover the rims of the wheel are a spectacle to watch. It lights up the night with the fusion of colors. There are themed days when the light shows are displayed in themes. The photo booth as you pass through the grey room makes a memorable moment. It has 42 gondolas and they have a capacity for eight people. The VIP gondolas accommodate four people. They have air condition and give a spectacular view of the surrounding areas.

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